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To Hug or Not to Hug

October 8, 2010

 Saw mother-in-law a while back.  We always hug every time my fiance and I meet her for the holidays.  We also hug as we’re leaving.  Nothing unusual with these hugs either.  But, this time her friends (a married couple) were around to say good-bye.  As we were saying good-bye she hugged her daughter and then gave me a pat on my shoulder, I reached over (thinking it was going to be the usual hug) and ended up patting her arm.  Felt awkward, don’t know if mother-in-law felt the same. 

Anyways, been thinking about it for a while now.  Maybe she didn’t want her friends to think she was too close with me, or maybe she felt some sort of sexual tension and decided to distance herself.  Either way she had thoughts of me and her getting close…  I’m more inclined to think that she was worried about what her friends would think.  Next time we meet, I’m gonna pretend that awkward good-bye never happened and reach over as usual and hopefully we’ll go back to hugging hellos and good-byes.


The Ideal Outcome

October 7, 2010

The ideal outcome would be to have mother-in-law convince her daughter that she needs sexual release and wants the release to come from me.

Points to sell to future wife would be:

  • Mother-in-law knows and trusts me and no longer wants to meet complete strangers who might be abusive, predatory and/or harboring STDs.
  • She wouldn’t need to worry about mother-in-laws well-being; physical and mental (from loneliness).
  • A sexual relationship with me would provide sexual variety and decrease the chances of me getting bored.
  • This relationship would also place less demand on her to perform.

As for living arrangements, I would have no objections if mother-in-law decided to stay with us or not.

The Strategy

October 6, 2010

To achieve my goals of bedding my mother-in-law, I would need to make her come to me (this I believe would have the highest probablility of succeeding).

So far the strategy is to:

  • subtly point out flaws of any potential suitor (real or not) to her and her daughter.
  • keeping tabs on kid brother-in-law through fiance as subtle way to tell mother-in-law to focus on her son’s education/development instead of a partner.  Also, alleviates any hints that I may be pursuing mother-in-law.
  • reminding her and fiance that most on-line date sites are filled with needy men and/or mentally unstable men
  • spending more time with her.  Be it helping her with cooking, taking her to grocery stores, inviting her over to our place or just plan one-on-one chats.  The more face-time, the better.
  • making sure to leave her presence on a high/happy note.
  • Never refering her as mom, ideally get her comfortable enough so that I can call her by first name basis.

This strategy would definitely take a lot time, but it’s much less dangerous than spilling my lust out-right.  Better to have her think of me as a potential source for sexual release – gotta be ontop of the cockblocking though.  Just need to plant this thought into her head, however small and let it fester and grow with time.

The Situation

October 6, 2010

I’m in my mid-late 20s.  Mother-in-law is in her mid-late 40s.  She has a son in middle school and she’s divorced.  She also just got out of a bad relationship – boyfriend was a parasite.  She lives in a town with no immediate family, except her son.  She doesn’t get along with her immediate family; feels that they’re too controlling.  Mother-in-law has a low-paying job, a mortgage and some financed debts.  She might get a better paying job once her son is grown up, but we’ll just have to wait and see about that.  So I suspect she might rely on her daughter and myself in the future.

The Goal

October 6, 2010

This is a personal journal of my goal to change my relationship with my mother-in-law into a sexual one.  Some may find my goal offensive and that’s fine, but I find life to be too short and would rather pursue my dreams and goals even if it conflicts with societal norms.  Some may view sex with one’s mother-in-law as incest, I of course would disagree.  Incest is a sexual relationship with individuals who are related in blood, a mother-in-law is not related in blood (she is related by law, hence the “in-law” in mother-in-law).  If you are reading this blog, I am assuming that the idea of having sex with the mother-in-law intrigues you and/or you have similar goals as myself.   Advice and comments are welcomed.